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Slipknot at Sonisphere Knebworth 2011 (Photographer: Dave Lundberg)

Slipknot guitarist Mick “7″ Thomson at Sonisphere Knebworth 2011 (Photographer: Dave Lundberg)

Whatever is the phenomenon, whenever you can use math to quantify it, however you can forecast what’s next … then you are talking physics. Take for example Heavy Metal Concerts. Better, consider the way waving masses behave during these great social events. Humans have some resilience in considering themselves something like an atom or a piece of matter, but researchers at Columbia University have showed that even the liberating act of moshing in a concert makes us good statistical subjects or, better, objects.

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A flawed judgment emerges whenever the amount of a single ‘currency’ is observed as the unique yardstick. Means and purpose are confused. As the GDP for a nation, the cash-flow for a private company, or even the grades for elementary school students, etc., the greed for the currency replaces the main goals: citizens’ happiness, customers’ satisfaction, or a proper education. The misused IF currency1,2 jeopardizes the scientific progress in the academia3 and therefore in society4,5. prosegui la lettura…

Temperature anomaly

From Nasa Earth Observatory. Earth’s temperature variation (1880–today) from the long-term (1951–1980) average.

As temperature breaks the 30.5° Celsius record in Lapland1,2 and Central European countries face floods, the concern of authorities grows across entire Europe both for safety and economy.
While tornadoes hit USA3 and Argentina4, in the old continent the spring brought other climatic alerts. The economies of southern European countries, like Italy or Spain, suffer from a particularly cold and rainy season, which – among other drawbacks – means less agricultural production5 and weaker tourism demand6. Other dangerous meteorological phenomena like whirlwinds have also interested the region7, but northern countries are not immune, as for instance Netherlands also experienced a weak tornado8. prosegui la lettura…

bolle mille bolle blu

Ad esempio, nelle mie nerdiche letture vedo questo articolo di ieri NVIDIA scores $12.4 million contract from the DOE to help FastForward exascale computing. E poi vedo le relative quotazioni della NVIDIA Corporation.
Sapendo che rifornisce Samsung, Apple e tutti ma proprio tutti i costruttori di computer con schede grafiche e processori a basso consumo, mi dico che varrebbe la pena comprare.
Epperò io sono meno che neofita … da cui la mia domanda nel titolo. Ma soprattutto, ci vuole una coscienza flessibile?